Painting Gallery

Big Fish

Just Hangin’ Out

Star-lit Night

Star-lite Pines

The Scream

Starry Night over Castle

Starry Night Over Chicago


While My Guitar

Proud Rooster

Fall Leaves


Proud Peacock

Lost Umbrella

The Girl in the Big Red Hat

Mimosa Blossoms

Kelsey’s Wedding Extravaganza!

Happy Birthday Megan & Regina

pets, painting, paint and sip, cats, dogs, wine, beer, family

Paint Your Pet–Jessica with Zek

Paint and Sip Sunset

Sunset Over the Lake

Paint and Sip Sunrise

Sunrise Over the Lake

paint and sip, girls night, girls nite, wine, party

Paper Crane

paint and sip, Woodstockil, wine, beer, party, painting


Woodstockil, McHenry County, paint and sip, wine, beer, girls nite, girls night, party, painting

Tranquil Blossoms

paint & sip, paint and sip, wine, party, beer, date night, girls night, nightlife

Mountain Lake by Moonlight

cat, pet, wine, beer, family, paint and sip, party

Paint Your Pet – Bastet