What to Paint?

What to Paint?

What to Paint?

As a high school English teacher basking in her first few days of summer vacation and as a burgeoning small business owner of The Inebriated Artist Studio on the verge of grabbing a paint brush and easel, I find myself wondering, what do I want to paint today? The vacationer in me says, just go for it, but the business owner contemplates what my customers might want to recreate for themselves.

I’ve been scanning Google images and Pinterest for days, looking for ideas and inspiration and thinking about the subject matter that will most inspire my customers. I’ve been thinking about where I want to go with The Inebriated Artist this summer—workshops for my customers, private parties—for birthdays, bachelorette, baby or wedding showers, team-building, girls’ night outs—and simpler works that people can recreate on their own at Open Studio nights coming up this summer. I’ve been thinking about the things I love and what I want to be surrounded by in my own home, and I’ve been thinking about the passions of my customers.

Today I plan to head out into my garden to work in the bright sun and garner a little inspiration from nature. My Japanese maples are at their brightest red of the summer, the chickadees are swooping down to my feeders and rushing up again to the highest branches to crack open their sunflower seeds, my lilies are over three feet high with tiny buds starting to form, and my columbine is in full bloom. My husband is due to cut the grass so the soft blades will be poking up through my toes and the sun will warm me as I ponder my work and my day. I think I’ll leave the music off and just enjoy the sound of the birds singing happily because I just filled all the feeders.

What are your thoughts? What do you want to paint? What would you like to see workshops on over the next few months? Take a moment to comment and let me know what you want to create for your homes this summer?

2 thoughts on “What to Paint?

  1. Karen Matus

    In response to your post:
    I would like to paint pictures of Bettas. They are such beautiful creatures, and I have literally hundreds of pictures stored on my fb wall. Would love to paint some, sometime

    1. Joy Pinnau Post author

      I have a betta picture and a few koi that I have been working on. I hope to offer them as workshops in the near future. Thanks for your input and thank you for reading my blog.
      -The Inebriated Artist

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